Cambridge University Spaceflight is a student-run society that was founded in 2006 by first year undergraduates Henry Hallam, Robert Fryers and Carl Morland and has grown from strength to strength since then. The team is now around 10 members strong, composed of undergraduates from various disciplines. We believe that just being interested in space as students is not enough, so we are actively joining the new-space generation by designing and launching our own systems. This is not just a brilliant learning experience – it’s also a lot of fun!

Above the clouds

Above the clouds

Our aim is to develop the technology needed to reduce the cost of sub-orbital access to space for scientific research. This manifests itself in the form of high-altitude balloon launches, designing rockets, and other related experiments.

We also have a flourishing outreach program, that encourages the next generation of scientists and engineers to take science education to a higher level. We are regular attendees at the Cambridge University Science Week and similar events, where we build and launch rockets with schoolchildren.

In our spare time, our hobbies include Engineering and Physics degrees.

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