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Quasar telem/test

Static Test Rig

Nearly complete, but needs some more holes drilling and parts attaching for mechanical completeness. We have the required datalogging kit but no software has been written (in LabView) to complete a log. This would probably be more useful for a full size test. We might need to take it elsewhere to do the test – some sites may be available.

Small scale testing

Securing the motor to a set of digital scales would probably suffice. Something that could be sampled quicker would be better – maybe something with a digital output. SparkFun sell a simple cheap load cell here, or we could use the existing high quality load cells we already have (but they might not be sensitive enough).

Things to Measure

The main one will be thrust delivered on-axis. Off-axial thrust is a nice second. Pressure in the combustion chamber could be hard to measure for small models but digital sensors are readily available. Temperature of the outsides is easily measured.


Probably not really an issue until we actually have a rocket.

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