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===== Idea: Rewriting the core of the predictor in Python ===== Currently the predictor is split across 4 languages: * The homepage and AJAX requests are served by PHP * The client is mostly Javascript * PHP starts a python script, which downloads wind data and invokes: * The predictor itself, a C binary The majority of the time spent predicting is downloading wind data, so we don't really need C-performance. (Having said that, we may find we want it later when we come to do Monte Carlo ...). Benefits to moving to Python: * The majority of the C predictor is IO, getting wind data, reading scenarios, writing CSV. This would be far simpler in Python * Easier to add features, add different altitude models * Can have the predictor process get wind data directly, so we don't need latitude/longitude deltas - it just gets what it needs Although we intend to replace PyDAP, a Python rewrite could initially talk to PyDAP and use the existing PHP/Javascript. Indeed, it looks like it would be fairly simple to break work on the predictor up into independent stages, with rewriting the C being one.

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