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====== BadgerCub ====== Designed to be a bare-bones flight computer for balloon payloads. Has onboard a Venus634FLPx GPS and a [[CC1111]] combined micro-controller and radio transceiver from TI. Also provided are two pyro channels, built in 900mAh LiPo battery and LiPo charging through USB and a Sarantel SL1204R helical GPS antenna. Mass 21g (without battery), 40g (with battery). {{badgercub.jpg}} ==== Flights ==== * [[Nova 14]] - First flight and successful uplink test. ==== Rev1 Issues ==== * <del>GPS LED connected to ground instead of 3.3V</del> (Fixed 16/11/09) * <del>GPS backup battery pin need to always be connected to something, add option to connect to 3.3V</del> (Fixed 16/11/09) * <del>GPS REGEN pin needs to be connected to 3.3V</del> (Fixed 16/11/09) * <del>Make the pyro connector holes a bit bigger to fit the larger diameter pins of the cool orange connectors</del> (Fixed 16/11/09) * The current switch really really sucks. (Better quality drop-in replacement: * Reverse supply protection diode * <del>Consider moving to a switch mode supply, although for operation from a LiPo its not to bad to use a linear. A buck-boost would squeeze some more juice out if its not too much faff.</del> * GPS antenna package is a but too wide.

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