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====== Electronics and Software Team Page ====== For now if you start working on a task maybe put your name at the end of the task on this page so others can see who is working on what, can have more than one person on any one task of course. ===== Software Todo ===== * Lots of work to be done on the [[landing_predictor|Prediction]] code as listed on the [[landing_predictor|Prediction]] todo list. * Monte-carlo landing prediction simulations. * Control software for the antenna rotator. * Fix all the github issues for the standalone and hourly predictor - Jon (eventually) ===== Embedded Software ===== * Firmware for Wombat and Joey flight computers. ===== Hardware Todo ===== * Work on antenna rotator - specifically adding accelerometers and magnetometers to the rotator for automatic north-south and vertical alignment. ===== Ideas for projects ===== * Write a guide to designing and building a simple tracker based around an Arduino. * Write a tutorial to using Eagle to make a basic Arduino shield for tracking, with a radio and GPS. * Experimental cutdown systems for sounding balloons. * Mass flow meter control system and a nice UI.

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