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====== Filling out a launch card ====== | Date | dd/mm/yy | | Description | Brief description of the flight. | | Launch Time | hh:mm GMT | | WX | Weather conditions at launch | | Balloon Size | e.g. 1500g Latex | | Target Neck Lift | As calculated from the Burst1a spreadsheet | | Target Asc. Rate | As entered into Burst1a | | Neck Load | Weight of everything hanging from the neck of the balloon, measured value at launch | | Neck Lift | Lift of balloon with nothing attached | | Parachute Details | e.g. diameter and construction | | Estimated Burst Altitude | As calculated from the Burst1a spreadsheet | | Cutdown Criteria | Are we flying a cutdown? If so what are its firing conditions? | | Telemetry Details | Type of transmitter, mode, baud rate and frequency e.g Radiometrix 10mW 50baud RTTY on 454.525MHz USB | | Notes from Launch Card | Notes recorded at the time of launch, e.g. any problems | After the flight make a new page on the wiki and copy the code of the [[Flight page template]] page into the new page. Copy over the details recorded on the launch card and fill in the flight vitals. Upload the KML and raw log files of the flight to the wiki and provide links under flight vitals and a link to the KML on the main page. The notes area is reserved for any observations, problems or ideas for improvement from the flight as well as any interesting analysis of the flight or any experiments that were flown.

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