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**Martlet 2** Overview: Single stage rocket powered by a Cesaroni Pro150 O motor. Hopefully launched at the next BALLS launch in Black Rock Desert - September 2014. Therefore aiming for the design to be finalised by the end of this term - potentially with some parts bought / on order. **Things that need doing (by no means a complete list)** Hardware things: * Source carbon fibre tubing of appropriate size ~170mm and get material properties so required wall thickness can be checked. **jb803** * Talk to the company that made the previous nose cone / locate a company that can make a nose cone * Start talking to local contacts - e.g. Cambridge Precision * If tip to tip carbon fibre has to be done then locate a lay up room that could be used * Source good epoxy/resin Design things: * Start designing motor centring rings, retainer etc. The dimensions of the casing are available here: [[]] * Investigate whether it would be possible to design the fins so that they are rigid enough to not require tip to tip carbon fibre * Run/through and optimise the design in Rocksim - keep checking as mass estimates improve * Model it all in Solidworks * Look at launch rail design Electronics things: * Design and build main flight computer (software GPS, inertial sensors, and a VHF/UHF downlink (maybe uplink?), nosecone builtin antenna) * Design and build the secondary HF tracker (GPS module, HF transmitter, vertical dipole). **dwt27 is interested but happy to share or let someone else do it** * Test flight computer on the kit rockets? (If it fits?) * Cameras and their positions on rocket Recovery things: * Source parachutes, spring loaded drogue ( build ourselves? ) * Investigate whether we could get two independent systems being able to fire the recovery system in case the other fails Other things: * Estimate cost **jb803** * Funding **jb803** * Check U.S regulations * Think about transport/shipping to U.S To make working out who's doing what easier - if you start/are planning to perform one of the above tasks - could you put your crsid in bold next to it. This'll make it easier for people to know who to contact. Also, by all means feel free to help out with a task someone else is doing!

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