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===== Monte Carlo Landing Prediction ===== This page documents some work done on the 'next generation' Monte Carlo landing prediction code hosted at [[|GitHub]]. ===== Building ===== The code may be downloaded using the ''git'' tool: $ git clone git:// After that, the standard ''make'' tool can be used. $ make ==== Requirements ==== The code as presented requires the GLib2 libraries to be installed because they have good, tested, thread-aware random number generators (amongst other things). ===== Alternate data grabbing ===== This branch contains a script under the ''pydap/'' directory which uses OpeNDAP via [[|PyDAP]] to fetch the data rather than the old GRIB-based system. This has the following advantages: * We may directly query the NOAA server for the time ranges each data set covers without downloading the entirety of it. * We can selectively download portions of the set both temporally as well as in space. * There are 47 pressure levels rather than the (IIRC) 21 available as GRIB data. The script itself outputs a slightly different format than the original GRIB grabber which makes the parser a little easier to implement.

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