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===== Guidance for Project Supervisors ====== Project supervisors oversee the running of a particular project, helping coordinate the project members and giving advice. There's some level of commitment associated with that -- you should be happy to respond to emails and point people in the right kind of direction. You're not required to hold people's hands through everything or teach something from the ground up, though. The key responsibilities are: * Acting as the point of contact for that project, so replying to emails * Making sure the wiki page for the project is kept up to date * Making sure there's a project update on Snippets * Coordinating a regular meeting of project members * Managing team expenses: please use the [[|expenses system]] (email if you need an account). If you have any questions or issues, please ask on IRC (#cusf on or email For anything to do with budget (having expenses approved, things purchased, etc) please email the treasurer (currently ag611).

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