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===== Project Quasar ===== We're going to build a small hybrid rocket motor. Team Members: Adam, James, Jack, Mikolaj, David, Chris, Einar, Sam === Test 15/03/2014 === Quaser had it's first successful test. === Michaelmas 2013 === == Summary of discussion == Need to find location nearer to Cambridge to test ignition. - contact EARS landowner? Need to get larger valve - 8mm orifice solenoid valve rated to 60bar now possibly sourced at cost of £350 - need to check if PEEK as a seal material is Nitrous safe. Bore out combustion chamber to ?mm ID and then get CP to remake nozzle ( or bush nozzle? ) and get igniter remade. Re cast fuel grain. / make casting equipment and jigs === 3/Feb/13 === == Summary of discussion == Discussed various possible different methods of ignition and potential fuels that would allow for easier ignition. Also discussed changes that could be made to improve instrumentation. Overall it was felt that the current version has quite a lot of scope remaining and we'd generally rather we got that working rather than completely redesigning the hybrid. The usefulness of having a servo valve that could be used to control the oxidiser flow was also raised. == Things to do == * Design/source an appropriate servo valve. * Locate a possible test site so we could do small tests at Cambridge * Investigate other fuels - namely paraffin/cardboard - but also investigate castable fuels e.g. sugar * Think about potential designs for a 2" diameter hybrid. * Write up the test firing and produce a 'Things we Learnt' document. === 8/Nov/12 === == Shopping List == * o rings ([[]] what I was saying about burnt O rings appears to be a myth) * high pressure pipe * valves (electronic, manual) * pressure gauge * regulator (electronic?) * nitrous-safe grease * nozzle retainer * nozzle * injector * safety stop valve * check valve * video camera(s) * strain gauges * datalogging electronics == Task List == * Get Solidworks discs * Design * Nozzle * Injector * Motor * datalogging kit * test stand === Task List (1/Nov/12) === Adam: <del>Ask BOC about nitrous</del> <del>awaiting response</del> we're golden, ask H&S about testing rocket motors, <del>buy some fuel</del> fuel has arrived David: <del>Ask about using the student workshop, see what Cambridge Precision will be willing to do</del> The guy in the student workshop wanted drawings or CAD files before he agreed to anything. Cambridge precision seemed willing to machine anything we wanted. Chris: O<del>btain SolidWorks licenses</del> applied online, investigate valves/fittings/gas piping. BOC sell valves, and pipes, so may be the best source. Valves: Need to know the pressures of the gas cylinder before going much further. Jack: <del>Find some suitable steel pipe for the case</del> steel pipe ordered Mikolaj: <del>Get in contact with the guy who can make graphite nozzles, estimate lead time/price </del> E-mail is away. No reply yet. Einar: <del>Look for some computer controlled valves</del> David: Are these any good? [[]] [[]] Sam: Obtain/test some ignition systems [[quasar:ignition]] Team: MacKay shopping trip Other things to obtain: nitrous safe grease, O rings === Research Pages === * [[quasar:Nozzle Design]] * [[Quasar:Fuel Grain]] * [[quasar:Telem]] * [[quasar:Oxidiser]] * [[quasar:injector]] The technical pages on [[]] have a lot of relevant information.

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