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====== RocketBoard1 Rocket Flight Computer ====== **Update 29/7/09:** RocketBoard1 was flown on the Nova 10 star tracker flight and seemed to be quite stable. The software GPS hardware has not yet been tested but work has started merging RocketBoard1 with [[Badger2]] to make a common platform for the rocket and balloons. {{rocketboard1_top.jpg?400}} {{rocketboard1_bottom.jpg?400}} ===== Bodges ===== * Reset button used (found in the IfM) * Footprint mirror image for TCXO (drawn looking from the underside of the board) * SPI has to be buffered to stop the SiGe interfering with the Blackfin booting from its SPI flash * Monkey cage pins don't fit. It's also ludicrously oversized, find something smaller for next revision.

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