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====== SSHADT to do ====== ===== Iain ===== * <del>Order Helium for Astrium</del> <del>(Ask about RAES)</del> *<del> Email John compact python code and ask 4 money</del> * <del>Finish dxfs and give to Al Ross</del> * <del>Get Jon 24 acesss! **EMAILED RCF**</del> * <del>Ask jaimie about fill mech!</del> * <del> Fish scales</del> * <del>Send off RadioFox boards</del> * <del>Acrylic tube</del> * <del>Check helium in churchill</del> * Order Farnell stuff for RadioFox v2 ===== Jon ===== * <del>Order Router Bits</del> * <del>Spring steel</del> * <del>Two caribeenas</del> * Solid cam - Jon * <del>T-slot plate (Post Vorticity)</del> ===== Dan ===== * <del>Soc fair booking</del> * <del>Soc Fair Flyers</del> * <del>Soc fair Organisation</del> * <del>Website!</del> * <del>Talk to Ed C about phone launch</del> * <del>Find out how to add people to expenses</del> * <del>Investigate fill mechanism!</del> * <del> Order Batteries</del><del> * <del>Email Astrium about helium n dates and TV</del> * <del>Order another 3 kg balloon + 1.5s</del> ===== Anyone ===== *<del> Battery housing</del> * Test function of vehicle * Pack vehicle * <del>Make pyros</del> * <del>Daveyfire pyros</del> * <del>Silicone wire</del> * <del>Calibration??</del> * <del>Email John recorded badger 2 radio</del> * <del>Prepare battery housing surface</del> *<del> Resolder power loom</del> (Little screw??) * <del>Prepare pyro line taped to new parachutes and tape new parachute.</del> * <del>Solder DC jacks onto pyro</del> * <del>Drill pitot bolt</del> * <del>Test dynamic pressure sensor</del> * <del>Order serial parts which are the right way round.</del> * <del>Order EM-406s;</del> *<del> Radiometrix??</del> * <del>Recalibrate dynamic</del> * <del>Test flight logic</del> * <del>Finish software</del> * <del>Ascent rate</del> * <del>Get balloon position</del> * <del>Check my software works as the same time as johns</del> * Check GPS issues on radiofox * <del>Cut carbon for battery pack</del> * <del>Order Posterity pitot? (Jon)</del> * <del>Prepare spring drogues </del> * <del>Check and prepare nylon bolts</del> * <del>Rechecking the low G acceleromter calibration</del> and high G accelerometer calibration * <del>Prepare lines</del> * <del>Cyano knots</del> * <del>Strain relieve pyro electrical lines onto carabiner</del> * <del>Carabiner of parachute.</del> * <del>Bottom of the abort carabiner to payload (check lines).</del> * <del>ORDER HELIUM !!!!</del> * <del>Remake hosepipe balloon attachment</del> * <del>Need to do payload end - do on the day</del> * <del>Charge camera battery and check camera settings</del> * <del> Carpet tape?</del> * <del>Drill new attachment point **NOT USED ANYWMORE**</del> * <del>Make a couple more pyros.</del> * <del>10 gallon water bottles for weight!</del> * <del>Get 9V Battery for Fish Scales!</del> * <del>Prepare fish scale assembly</del> * <del>Arrange helium transport vehicle</del> * <del>Arrange farm</del> * <del>Tracking location (if its going west)</del> * <del>Pyro lines</del> * <del>repack pilot chute</del> * <del> MINIMUM ALTITUDE REFLASHING</del> * <del>Properly pack X-Form and lines</del> * <del> Email Ed about insurance</del> * <del>Test pyro shield</del> * <del>Look at the kevlar string on the release bolt, was dodgy at one point.</del> * <del>test continuity on top cap metron.</del> * <del>Strike-through Text</del> * <del>reassemble nose-assembly and check for leaks.</del> * <del>check helium arrived</del> * <del>arrange people</del>

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