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====== Wombat ====== {{}} Wombat was an experimental flight computer with a powerful onboard microcontroller, integrated programmable-frequency radio and uBlox 6 GPS. We used it as a test bed for a number of new ideas. Technical details: * STM32F405RGT6 microcontroller at 168MHz with 192KB RAM, 1MB flash, DSP, FPU * uBlox NEO-6Q GPS with LNA and filters * ADF7012 radio, programmable over the entire 70cm ISM band * SMPS power supply from a lipo battery * Onboard battery backup, cutdown controller, micro SD card, USB All the gory details (schematic, board files, code and so on) are available on github: The beautiful PCBs for wombat r1 were provided by Cambridge Circuit Company, thanks!

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