6DOF flight simulation, CamPyRoS

CamPyRoS (Cambridge Python Rocketry Simulator) is CUSF’s fully featured 6 degrees of freedom rocket trajectory simulator.

This state of the art software has been worked on extensively by Jago Strong-Wright and Daniel Gibbons. and its features include:

  • 6 degrees of freedom (3 translational, 3 rotational)
  • Monte Carlo stochastic analysis
  • Aerodynamic heating model
  • Use of live wind data
  • Variable mass and moments of inertia models


CamPyRos is used extensively by CUSF during our design process. Recently, it has produced some really nice simulations of Martlet 4‘s flight, as can be seen below:

An old NASA aerodynamic heating program was remodelled as part of CamPyRoS, the graph shows the data generated by CUSFs program vs the data obtained by NASAs. An amazing demonstration of the capabilities of CamPyRoS.

Further expansion

While CamPyRoS has lots of capability, there is the potentially for expansion in the future (see here for full information about development), with current projects being:

  • GUI using Tkinter
  • Slosh modelling
  • Wind variability using historic wind forecasts

And theres still some potential for expansion by adding support for:

  • Multistage rockets
  • Fin cant, roll damping, and roll acceleration
  • CFD coupling
  • Multiphysics coupling

CamPyRoS, along with many other state of the art simulation packages developed by our engineers, can be found on cuspaceflight GitHub