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Who are We?

Cambridge University Spaceflight is a student society of 70 Undergraduate and PhD students operating out of the Cambridge University Engineering Department. We’re working on a multitude of projects, such as Martlet IV, a rocket powered by our bespoke engine Pulsar, the largest nitrous hybrid ever fired in the UK, as well as Griffin I, our first spaceshot attempt – we aim to become the first amateur team in the world to reach the Karman line with a liquid engine.

The Committee

Abhijit Pandit


Launch, Legal and Safety Officer

Barty Wardell


Jamie Russell


Tim Clifford

Head of DevOps

Sam Ross

Recruitment Officer

Chief Engineer

Rachel Gould

Publicity Officer

Kailen Patel


The Project Managers

Henry Franks

Telemetry and Avionics

Ellis Collins

White Giant

Henry Free


George Cooke


William Yu

High Altitude Balloons

Something Caught Your Eye?

Get in touch! Reach out to contact[at]cusf.co.uk to find out more.