About Us

Meet the Team

Who are We?

Cambridge University Spaceflight is a student society of 70 Undergraduate and PhD students operating out of the Cambridge University Engineering Department. We’re working on a multitude of projects, such as Martlet IV, a rocket powered by our bespoke engine Pulsar, the largest nitrous hybrid ever fired in the UK, as well as Griffin I, our first spaceshot attempt – we aim to become the first amateur team in the world to reach the Karman line with a liquid engine.

The Committee

Kailen Patel


Rory Hine


Program Manager – Martlet IV

Henry Franks


Lead Electrical Engineer

Tim Clifford

Junior Treasurer

Head of DevOps

Abhijit Pandit

Launch & Safety Officer

Lead Web Designer

Sam Ross

Recruitment Officer

Project Manager – White GIant

Rachel Gould

Publicity Officer

Kornel Grunwald

Program Manager – Griffin I

The Project Managers

Barty Wardell

Project Manager – Aquila

Ellis Collins

Project Manager – Injector

Daniel Gibbons

Project Manager – Cooling

Henry Free

Project Manager – Tanks

Jago Strong-Wright

Project Manager – Software, Simulation & Modelling

Something Caught Your Eye?

Get in touch! Reach out to contact[at]cusf.co.uk to find out more.