Griffin I

To Space!

The Story

CUSF’s future lies in Griffin I. Initially conceived as Martlet V and then spun out into it’s own line of rockets, Griffin promises to reach over the Karman Line to around 150km. Conceived as a two-stage vehicle and then refined to a single stage, Griffin I is powered by White Giant, promised to be one of the world’s largest student engines. Preliminary investigations into White Giant are being conducted with White Dwarf in October 2022.



Wet Mass




Top Speed


White Giant

Our Most Powerful Engine Yet.

The Life-Saver

A shape-changing hemisflo drogue chute acts to pull out a larger main parachute to recover the rocket from speeds of up to Mach 4.

The Brains

Griffin is powered by our in-house avionics system. Redundant and cross-strapped, it manages engine control, telemetry, and recovery. Down to the millisecond.

The Soul

White Giant, a regeneratively cooled 35kN LOx-IPA liquid bipropellant engine drives Griffin I.

The Body

The airframe has been completely calibrated for stability.

The Heart

A trio of custom flight tanks, oxidiser, fuel and pressurant, lie at the core of Griffin’s propellant system.

White Dwarf

The UK’s First Liquid Rocket Engine.

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