Coming Soon to a Kármán Line Near You.

Cambridge’s Best and Brightest.

Cambridge University Spaceflight

Cambridge University Spaceflight (CUSF) was founded in 2006 to work towards one goal – to launch a rocket to space, built entirely by students. Now, with three rockets, one of the UK’s largest rocket engines, and over fifteen high altitude balloons under our belt, we’re nearing our goal.

Before that though, is the launch of Martlet IV to smash the UK’s amateur altitude record.

Then, we’re testing a miniature liquid engine, White Dwarf, for our space-shot engine, White Giant.

Finally, the Karman line awaits.

The Past: 15 Years of Flight Heritage

Martlet III

The Present: The UK’s Amateur Altitude Record

Martlet IV

The Future: To Space

White Giant

Martlet IV

Summer 2022

Putting our custom-built engine to the test against the UK amateur record.


Summer 2022

Testing our hypersonic recovery.

Griffin I

Summer 2023

“The sky is the limit only for those who aren’t afraid to fly!”