Coming to a Kármán line near you in 2023.

Cambridge University Spaceflight has been bringing together Cambridge’s brightest for 15 years in pursuit of the final frontier. We build high altitude balloons, rockets, engines, avionics, and more in our entirely student-let society. With upcoming launches and rapid development of our in-house liquid motor, there’s never been a better time to get involved!

Upcoming Launches

Martlet IV


The final step in our Martlet series of rockets, designed to put our custom-built Pulsar engine to the test, all the way to 20km.



The second stage of Griffin I, Aquila demonstrates the capabilities of our airframe, recovery, and avionics work ahead of Griffin I’s construction.

Griffin I


Our biggest project, ever. Griffin is a two-stage rocket powered by our in-house White Giant motor, that will take CUSF to the Kármán line.

What We Do

Rocket Design and Launches

CUSF designs our own in-house motors to power our amateur rockets. After the successful firing of Pulsar, we aim to use it to power Martlet IV. Current projects include White Giant, our first liquid bipropellant motors, which will power Griffin I on its maiden flight to the Kármán line.

Electronics and Control

Advanced electronics lie at the heart of every rocket and balloon we launch. Our current generation of rockets are powered by completely custom hardware and software, with unparalleled modularity and performance tailored to each launch.

Simulation and Modelling

CUSF use state-of-the-art simulation and modelling to design our rockets. Open-source modelling software (found on our GitHub) is the key behind many of our design decisions, employing a great depth of understanding in software to build efficient hardware.

High-Altitude Ballooning

Over the years CUSF have launched many balloons. Carrying custom electronics and unique payloads, we’ve been able to reach up to 80km altitude to take beautiful photos, such as the one at the top of this page.

Outreach and Sponsorship

CUSF have worked with a number of organisations in the past to run outreach events, and our launches provide a great opportunity to get your brand seen by students all over Cambridge. More details are available in our sponsorship brochure.