CUSF’s Cooling Simuation Package

The Swiss Army Knife of Rocket Science

Bamboo is CUSF’s unified modelling package for liquid rocket engine cooling. Optimised for CUSF’s own engines and demonstrating proven accuracy against commercial data, this is truly the Swiss Army knife of rocket science. Plus, it’s been designed with usability in mind, so you can give it a try yourself!

White Dwarf

White Giant

We keep our cool.

Bamboo is a thermal analysis tool like no other. Built from the ground up to support CUSF’s White Dwarf design work, it is able to model the heat transfer of a number of different cooling solutions.

Bamboo can provide thorough analysis of regenerative cooling jackets, crucial for our work with White Dwarf and White Giant, as well as the impact of refactory materials, such as Graphite nozzles, on the thermals.

Functionality for both transient and steady-state temperature analysis has been implemented for a wide variety of cases.

Jack of All Trades.

Bamboo’s capabilities aren’t just limited to cooling — the code is able to assist with many different facets of the design process.

From nozzle shape optimisation to apogee estimation, there’s nothing Bamboo can’t do!

(Disclaimer: there are many things Bamboo cannot do).

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