White Giant

Our Most Powerful Engine Yet

The Lofty Ambitions of White Giant

White Giant is the future of CUSF. Designed to propel Griffin I to over 150km in July 2023, White Giant is core to our upcoming plans. Running a bipropellant mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Isopropyl Alcohol to yield over 10 kN of thrust for over 40 seconds of firing, it promises to be one of the largest student liquid engines in the world. The primary step to White Giant’s development is to gain insight into ground support, test procedures, cooling systems and injector geometry via a scaled-down engine – White Dwarf, running the same combination of propellants. Then awaits a full-scale firing campaign in December 2022.

Max Thrust


Total Impulse


Firing Duration


White Dwarf


The Propellant Tanks

A pair of in-house stainless steel tanks for the propellant, conforming to all appropriate pressure vessel design standards.

The Nozzle

A CNC-milled Graphite nozzle insert sealed with high temperature Graphite gaskets and constrained with a ceramic retainer ring.

The Injector

White Dwarf Cold Flow and Hot Fire testing will finalise the injector design.

The Chamber

A Copper combustion chamber with milled vertical cooling channels enclosed by a Stainless Steel outer jacket.

The Cooling

A regenerative cooling system that uses IPA to cool and protect the Copper chamber wall before injection for combustion in the chamber.


All-in-one Engine Modelling

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