The Hypersonic Upper Stage of Griffin I

Take to the Skies with Aquila

Aquila is the upper stage of Griffin I. Designed to explosively separate from Panthera during flight, Aquila will reach an upper altitude of 150km in our actual space-shot launch in 2023. The rocket was born from initial technical feasibility study into solid motors to determine whether a Cesaroni Pro98 could be used in conjuction with a liquid first stage. To test Aquila’s novel hypersonic recovery system, a test launch alongside Martlet IV will be conducted to a lower 7km altitude in July 2022, so stay tuned for that. Our Aquila team has been ultra focused on preparing for this launch, with trajectory simulations, OpenFOAM CFD simulations for parachute design and geometry checking via Pflanz method.



Wet Mass




Top Speed



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Machrihanish Space Cluster

The Life-Saver

A shape-changing hemisflo drogue chute acts to pull out a larger main parachute to recover Aquila and to slow the upper stage from speeds of up to Mach 4.

The Base

Giving Aquila its name, the elegent bistable fin system provides a high calibre of stability to our hypersonic flight.

The Body

Aquila’s airframe has been completely calibrated for stability with a unique stage separation system dividing the upper stage from the lower stage.

The Soul

A Cesaroni Pro98 propels Aquila to CUSF’s greatest heights. But first, a test comes.

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