Reaction Engines Visit Cambridge University Engineering Department

On Monday, two lead engineers from Reaction Engines, one of CUSFs sponsors, came to CUED to talk to CUSF members and other students. They discussed the SABRE Demo engine, Applied Technologies and other spin-outs as well as showing us some hardware in-person!

We would like to thank Piotr and Felix for giving up their time to come and speak to us! Our members really enjoyed learning about the work Reaction Engines are doing.

Reaction Engines is an Oxford based aerospace company developing the SABRE engine, a hybrid jet and rocket engine that will enable air travel of up to Mach 5 and unlock single stage to orbit capabilities to space. In 2019, they successfully completed a ground-level test of the precooler at Mach 5 inlet conditions and more recently, their critical heat exchanger, HX3, and cycle preburner were also successfully tested. They also have an Applied Technologies division that takes the novel technologies developed for SABRE and uses it to provide a step change in performance and efficiency across other industries such as Formula 1 and electric aviation.

They also have internships and grad schemes available for next year, the information about these oppertunities can be found on their website.

Speaker Bios:
Piotr Zulawski – Aerospace Lead in Applied Technologies
Felix Newman – Senior Aerothermal Engineer