What have we been up to?

Even though our hands-on work has been paused in the past 12 months, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy here at CUSF. Here’s a quick round up of the projects that we are currently working on.

Martlet 4

The 4th member of our Martlet series, this single stage rocket aims to reach an altitude of 20km, well clear of the UK single stage altitude record which currently stands at 11km. With a wet mass of 110kg, this will be the largest rocket in the Martlet series. Its engine, Pulsar, is a 5kN in-house nitrous / HDPE hybrid. This was designed and fully built from scratch by our team, and is the largest nitrous engine ever fired in the UK. Check out the footage of our 2019 test of Pulsar.

Griffin 1

Our biggest project yet, Griffin 1 is a two stage rocket equipped with a hypersonic recovery system which is designed to reach a whopping 150km altitude, breaking all global amateur records.

The first stage, Panthera, is powered by our new engine White Giant, a 10kN in-house bipropellant liquid engine, which uses nitrous and IPA. The second stage, Aquila, is powered by a Cesaroni Pro98 Solid motor. Everyone at CUSF is really excited about this ambitious project and design work is well underway in preparation for the workshops opening up again.

What comes next?

Our brand new commitee and project managers have just been elected, and our subteams are working really hard on both of these projects. We hope to showcase some of their work in the coming months, so keep an eye out!