Martlet 2

Martlet 2 Radio Details

Adapted from a page by Adam Greig 14/08/2015. This post provides links to more information about the radio transmissions from Martlet 2, such that they may be publicly documented formats. For details on the physical radio modulation and data link layer, please see: For details on the packet structure, please see: For any other queries …

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M2R PCBs Arrived

Today Cambridge Circuit Company finished manufacture of the PCBs for M2R, the radio board on Martlet 2. We drove over to pick them up this afternoon and they’re looking good! Hopefully we’ll have the designs for the flight computer finished soon and then we’ll get both boards assembled and start on the firmware. A big thank …

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Radio units arrived

The radio modules we’ll be using on the M2R radio boards arrived from Radiometrix today. They’re generously sponsoring Martlet 2 with these radios, thanks! We’ve been using their radios for many years now, starting with the venerable NTX2 for some early high altitude balloon payloads, and they’ve always performed perfectly. We’re excited to try out …

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